Memorial Fundraiser

Today, we kick off our memorial fundraiser!

Pleasant Vale is our #1 priority!

We may not be able to save the house (unless someone knows a very generous philanthropist), but we can all collectively join together financially to mark the site with a Kentucky Historical Society historical marker so that it will be perpetually remembered.

After funds are secured for the historical marker at Pleasant Vale, additional funds will be used to purchase new headstones for the cemetery.

Our goal is $6,000 by September 1st.

An account has been established for this effort, and the information is as follows:

Checks made payable to: Judge Samuel McDowell Memorial Fund
Checks mailed to: Great Western Bank, 200 W Littleton Blvd, Littleton, CO 80120

If someone desires to make an electronic deposit or transfer, please contact me for the pertinent information.


One thought on “Memorial Fundraiser

  1. Good news regarding procuring an Historic Kentucky Road Sign for Pleasant Vale. There is a new bypass near the site of Pleasant Vale that has a well used walking trail running parallel to it. There is a grassy area between the road and walking path, along with a paved pull-off for vehicles. Sounds like we have the perfect location to place a sign highlighting the location and importance of Pleasant Vale. We McDowell family descendants CAN make this happen but we need your help. Please consider contrubuting to this important project. We need to raise sufficient funds by the end of August in order to get an application in by the September 1, 2016 deadline.


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