Martha (McDowell) Buford

Martha “Patsy” (McDowell) Buford, b 20 June 1766, Rockbridge Co., VA, d 06 July 1835, Georgetown, Scott, KY, buried: Georgetown Cemetery, Scott Co., KY

Married: Col. Abraham Buford, m 04 Oct 1788, VA


Martha, the third daughter of Judge Samuel McDowell 
and Mary McClung, was born June 20, 1700; grew to be 
a woman of strong sense and indomitable will; her letters 
still in existence show her, also, to have been well edu- 
cated, pious and patriotic, and a capital correspondent ; 
letters written in good English and captivating style, filled 
with religion, politics, family news and delightful gossip ; 
such letters as few graduates of Vassar are capable of writ- 

In October, 1788, after the removal of the family to 
Kentucky, she married Colonel Abraham Buford, who had 
been a lieutenant at Point Pleasant, in the independent 
company from Bedford county, commanded by his cousin, 
Captain Thomas Buford, whose blood helped to buy the 

Afterwards, Abraham Buford was a gallant and 
patriotic officer in the Revolution, and did good service in 
more than one battle. Placed in command of a regiment 
of raw Virginians, he marched to the relief of Charleston, 
but arrived too late to join the garrison before its surren- 

Pursued by the intrepid Tarleton, with' his veteran 
legion, and overtaken at Waxhaw, his undisciplined com- 
mand was almost annihilated, quarter being refused ; 113 
were killed outright, 150 were too badly hacked to be re- 
moved, while only 53 could be brought as prisoners to 

Colonel Buford lived to do good and hard fight- 
ing after that, to acquire a magnificent body of land in 
Scott county, Kentucky, as the reward for his services, 
and to marry Martha McDowell. 

The colonel and his wife were both staunch Federalists — 
the latter a sound Presbyterian.

Historic Families of Kentucky
Copyright, 1889, 
Bv Thomas Marshall Green
May 1913 

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