Mary McClung McDowell

Mary “Mollie” (McClung) McDowell, b 28 May 1734, Colerain, Antrim, Northern Ireland,    d 28 Oct 1827, Mercer Co., KY, buried: Bellevue Cemetery, Danville, Boyle, KY


On the 17th of January, 1754, at the age of eighteen, 
Judge Samuel McDowell married Mary McClung. 

She was a native of Ireland — hut, like himself, of Scotch de- 
scent — and had emigrated with a sister and four brothers 
a few years prior to her marriage. 

The sister and two 
brothers settled with her in what was then Augusta 
county. The sister married an Alexander. Her brother, 
John McClung, also married Elizabeth Alexander, daugh- 
ter of Archibald Alexander and Margaret Parks, and sis- 
ter to the William Alexander who was the father of the 
distinguished Dr. Archibald Alexander, of Princeton Theo- 
logical Seminary. John McClung and Elizabeth Alexan- 
der were the parents of Judge William McClung, of Ken- 

By this fitting union was grafted another strain 
of silent fighting blood upon the tough McDowell stock, 
developing in their descendants not in personal rencoun- 
ters, but in the line of duty and on the battle fields of 
their country.

Historic Families of Kentucky
Copyright, 1889, 
Bv Thomas Marshall Green
May 1913 

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