Mary (McDowell) Marshall

Mary “Polly” (McDowell) Marshall, b 11 Jan 1772, Rockbridge Co., VA, d 27 Jan 1822, Mason Co., KY

Married: Dr. Alexander Keith Marshall, m 10 Oct 1794

Marshall Home in Mason Co., KY


Mary, or Polly, the youngest daughter of Judge Samuel 
McDowell and Mary McClung, was born in Rockbridge 
county, Virginia, on the 11th of January, 1772, and came, 
with her parents, through the wilderness to Kentucky, in 
1784. Among all who knew her, she enjoyed the reputa- 
tion of a character as lovely as her face was beautiful, and 
her person and manners graceful. As affectionate and hos- 
pitable as she was amiable and pious, it is natural that she 
should have been as universally admired and loved by her 
husband's as she was by her own kindred. In October of 
1794, she became the honored wife of Alexander Keith Mar- 
shall, sixth son of Colonel Thomas Marshall of the Revolu- 
tion, and younger brother of the chief-justice.

Historic Families of Kentucky
Copyright, 1889, 
Bv Thomas Marshall Green
May 1913 

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