Washington Review and Examiner (Pa.) Nov. 5, 1817; "Another Revolutionary Patriot gone. Died near Danville (Ken.) on the 25th Sept. last, Col. Samuel McDowell, in the 85th year of his age. He was distinguished as a most active whig during the revolutionary war--was one of the first settlers of Kentucky--a member of the convention which … Continue reading Obituary


Mary McClung McDowell

Mary "Mollie" (McClung) McDowell, b 28 May 1734, Colerain, Antrim, Northern Ireland,    d 28 Oct 1827, Mercer Co., KY, buried: Bellevue Cemetery, Danville, Boyle, KY On the 17th of January, 1754, at the age of eighteen, Judge Samuel McDowell married Mary McClung. She was a native of Ireland — hut, like himself, of Scotch … Continue reading Mary McClung McDowell

Mary (McDowell) Marshall

Mary "Polly" (McDowell) Marshall, b 11 Jan 1772, Rockbridge Co., VA, d 27 Jan 1822, Mason Co., KY Married: Dr. Alexander Keith Marshall, m 10 Oct 1794   Mary, or Polly, the youngest daughter of Judge Samuel McDowell and Mary McClung, was born in Rockbridge county, Virginia, on the 11th of January, 1772, and came, … Continue reading Mary (McDowell) Marshall

Caleb Wallace McDowell

Caleb Wallace McDowell, b 17 April 1774, Augusta Co., VA, d 11 Sept 1810, Jessamine Co., KY, buried: Maple Grove Cemetery, Nicholasville, Jessamine, KY Married: Elizabeth "Eliza" McDowell, m 25 May 1804, Fayette Co., KY   The seventh son of Judge Samuel McDow r ell and Mary McClung, Caleb Wallace McDowell, was born April 17, … Continue reading Caleb Wallace McDowell

Ephraim McDowell

Ephraim McDowell, b 11 Nov 1771, Augusta Co., VA, d 25 June 1830, Danville, Boyle, KY, buried: McDowell Park @ Centre College, Danville, Boyle, KY Married: Sarah Hart Shelby, m 29 Dec 1802   The sixth son of Judge Samuel McDowell and Mary McClung, Ephraim, was born in Augusta county, now Roekbridge, Virginia, November 11, … Continue reading Ephraim McDowell

Joseph McDowell

Col. Joseph McDowell, b 13 Sept 1768, Rockbridge Co., VA, d 22 June 1856, Boyle Co., KY, buried: Bellevue Cemetery, Danville, Boyle, KY Married: 1. Sarah Irvin, m 27 Sept 1794, Mercer Co., KY, 2. Ann Bush/Busle   The fifth son of Judge Samuel McDowell and Mary Mc- Clung, Joseph, was born September 13, 1768. … Continue reading Joseph McDowell