McDowell Cemetery

This cemetery, located just outside of Fairfield, VA, contains the graves of some of the most prominent, early McDowell family members in VA. Including, Ephraim McDowell, the "father" of this McDowell line in the Colonies, and his son, Capt. John McDowell, killed Christmas Day, 1742, in a skirmish with the Indians. Judge Samuel McDowell, is … Continue reading McDowell Cemetery


Capt. John McDowell among area’s first settlers

Reprinted from: The News Leader-Staunton, Waynesboro and Augusta County, Virginia © 2017 ( All rights reserved. Nancy Sorrells, Contributor 9:05 p.m. ET  May 14, 2014 FAIRFIELD -The McDowells first set foot on American soil in September 1729. Ephraim McDowell, his sons, John and James, his son-in-law James Greenlee, the accompanying families of those men, and at least … Continue reading Capt. John McDowell among area’s first settlers